Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Building relationships inspiration

Building relationships inspiration

Wise people build good relationships. Because of the complexities of personality and the dynamics of interaction, no person can make a positive connection with others on every occassion. Wise people are able to do it most of the time though. It takes wisdom to build and maintain superior relationship with other other people. It takes insight and understanding regarding human nature to consistently reach others in ways that result in win-win outcomes. There are 5 major components that need to be used when building relationships.
They are as follows:

Humility: Nothing turns off other people more than pride and arrogance, and nothing connects them more than humility and sincerity.

Patience: Just as we often need other people to show patience with us, we need to remember the Golden Rule and do the same for them.

Empathy: When we learn to move out of our own shoes and put ourselves in the place of another person, we begin to feel what they are feeling.

Giving: When we genuinely care about other people, we give them the best of ourselves. We listen, we do our best to understand, we help and we bring out the best in them.

Forgiveness: All relationships, even the best ones, suffer setbacks. Blame is not the solution. It makes things worse. Forgiveness is. It brings healing and leads to the rebuilding and strengthening of treasured relationship

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