Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How can a woman harm her own daughter?

OK- so I've always talk about how my daughter is the main inspiration in my life. She is my motivational inspiration in everything I do. I just love her so much. I have been following this whole Casey Anthony story (as I am sure most people have. Do I think she did it? A huge part of me does. Do I have doubt? Some. Maybe that's because I just can't comprehend how someone could do that to their daughter, put their body in a trash bag and go out and live their life. It is just something that I can't wrap my mind around. Did she really drown in the pool? Part of me has to believe in that theory. Everyone reacts to grief and shock in different ways. I know if I found my daughter drown in a pool, I would freak out. Scream and Cry but I would call the police. That would be the logical thing to do but how many people in this world nowadays actually think logically? Did she think everyone would think she did it and than she tried to hide it (which explains why her daughter was buried with her favorite items) or did she kill her and that was her way of showing remorse? I had a bad feeling when the prosecution went immediately for the death penalty. In order to get the death penalty, they had to have 100% proof almost. There were way too many factors that just didn't prove exactly how the baby died? Was she suffocated or did she drown? What do you think?

I guess no matter what people think, Casey Anthony has walked free (well not really free because she will never really be free in society) She will always be prosecuted by her peers.

Another thing that I had a huge problem understanding is how parents could bring their children to the jail when Casey was being released. Nobody knew how that was going to go down. There could have been riots, gunshots, fights etc. In my mind, those parents should also judge themselves as I would have never, ever put my most prized possession (my daughter) in that danger. If someone's child got hurt or even worse killed in that, would the parents have been held responsible for the child's injuries or death for putting them in that situation (a situation that could have very easily turned deadly :-( Thank God that it didn't.

I know people are now saying that if Casey Anthony writes a book or makes a movie, they wouldn't read it or see it. Honesty, I would (as would alot of other people) Why? Because we are a curious beast and we would want to see what it said.

I only hope that if Casey Anthony did indeed kill her child, she suffers the punishment (but not by human hands- but by god and society shunning her). If she didn't kill her and that baby truly drowned than part of my heart goes out to her because I know everyone goes into shock after something like that. I don't agree with the way she acted but I don't think anyone knows how they would truly react unless placed into that position.
What are your views on the Casey Anthony case?