Thursday, September 16, 2010

Words can hurt worse than physical violence sometimes

"Choose your words carefully and do not act out of anger. Be careful with someone else. Even if they choose to forgive it will never be truly forgotten. Words and actions hurt worse than punches. Bruises heal, but heartache is forever"

That is inspiration for today. 

Sometimes I would rather be around all males  LOL   Females friendships are tough.  Females are so catty sometimes and I am just like "OK, can't deal with the drama, let's run from the drama"  Damn it-  I DON'T DO DRAMA  lol

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My baby turned 12

Yesterday was my baby's birthday.  She turned 12  LOL  How old do I feel??? Well, not that old yesterday but today I feel old,  I took my baby to get a new cell phone this afternoon for her birthday present  (Note: My cell phone was a dinosaur, I didn't even have a keyboard to text, I was still hitting the number multiple times to get to the letter) The cell phone was buy one get one free with a hundred dollar rebate.  How could I pass that up?? I don't consider myself computer illiterate.  In fact, I consider myself pretty literate on computers but I looked at this cell phone  this afternoon as if it were greek.
My 12 year old had to show me how to access internet, how to send text messages etc
Basically, my 12 year old gave me a whole cell phone lesson  LOL    Is it just me or is something wrong this picture

My baby is growing up and I am growing old  :-((((

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Justin Bieber- Pure Chaos as MD State Fair

OK  Here is my inspirational motivation for today.  Took my daughter to see Justin Bieber at the Maryland State Fair.  No assigned seating, as it was a standing concert.  It was pure chaos.
Justin Bieber puts on a great show but this fair was just cruel and unusual punishment for parents.  Over 12000 people there, all trying to get in the front.  I am just exhausted

My daughter had a great time but you couldn't pay me to do that mess again.
If there is no assigned seating at a concert, I will not ever attend again 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspirational Motivation

I just really love my family  (especialy the 2 girls- my daughter and my soon to be step daughter)
I get so frustrated with my fiance at times.  I keep reminding myself that I have to either really accept his good and try and work through the bad stuff or call this quits
I can't call it quits.   I love his daughter too much and I know that without me,  she has a mom and dad that really don't do anything with her  :-(*((((
His daughter's grandparents (maternal side) do alot with her  - which I am thankful for
but I just can't change her mom and the way she believes in raising a child and teaching her morals
and I can't make my fiance be closer
I try to keep in my mind the whole story

It is a long story but I don't think my fiance ever had the beginning chance to bond with his child  (His daughter's mom left him when she was 3 months pregnant for another guy that she was cheating on my fiance with)  She is caucasian, He is caucasian, her other boyfriend was african american)  Well she thought the baby was his ( her boyfriend's)  Well, the baby was born caucasian so she knew my fiance was the father and she sued him for child support  (which is fine-  we pay that) and I love her as if she was own)

Her mom uses her as a weapon-  I can't stand it

Is anyone else in this situation (whereas the kid is used as a weapon)  HELP PLEASE

I have had to walk my fiance through numerous court battles because she wants his money but don't want the child to see him  WTH??? What is wrong with women nowadays??
We have won most court battles with visitation but it is not about winning or losing.  I just hate it.
Why are children considered weapons????  GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  -  Sorry, this just makes me angry.  (and I don't like getting angry)

But let me ask you, would it be different if him and I had a child together???  Let's take a poll  Would he be a great dad as long as we are together but god forbid that we split up, would he be the same way with a child we had together?  He is even so different with my daughter  (remember, I have a child from a previous relationship)  Her father is not in the picture but my fiance is so much different even with her than he is with his own

Another Day Another Dollar but do have new family member

Blah Blah Blah.  When am I ever going to get out of this damn 9 to 5 rat race????  I think of all the other things I could be doing.  Uh oh, I have to remind myself that this is my POSITIVE inspiration blog so no pessimist thoughts allowed
Sorry, smacked my own hand

On another positive note, My new little soon to be niece was born last night.  I went from thinking I would never have any nieces (Note: for those of you that follow my blog, you already know that my only brother was murdered when I was 11 and I found out in February, 2008 that I had a sister that I never knew (a sister that was adopted out at birth)  Well along with that sister came a beautiful niece  YEAH!!  She is 6 and flower girl in my upcoming wedding.  Just love her to pieces. 
Last night, my soon to be brother in law and sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Now I will have 2 little nieces  PRICELESS  :-)

Hope everyone is planning a great, safe labor day weekend.

Let's do a positive thought
"Life is a shit sandwich and everyday you have to take a bite"

How is that for a positive thought  LOL