Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My baby turned 12

Yesterday was my baby's birthday.  She turned 12  LOL  How old do I feel??? Well, not that old yesterday but today I feel old,  I took my baby to get a new cell phone this afternoon for her birthday present  (Note: My cell phone was a dinosaur, I didn't even have a keyboard to text, I was still hitting the number multiple times to get to the letter) The cell phone was buy one get one free with a hundred dollar rebate.  How could I pass that up?? I don't consider myself computer illiterate.  In fact, I consider myself pretty literate on computers but I looked at this cell phone  this afternoon as if it were greek.
My 12 year old had to show me how to access internet, how to send text messages etc
Basically, my 12 year old gave me a whole cell phone lesson  LOL    Is it just me or is something wrong this picture

My baby is growing up and I am growing old  :-((((

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