Thursday, March 24, 2011

the life of an 89 year old

OK so I am stuggling terribly tonight. My 89 year old boss (who has been like a grandmother/mentor to me) finds out today that she has colon cancer. She has surgery tomorrow and may or may not make it through. I'm devestated. I can't imagine my life without her. She has been my biggest mentor in life ever. I can't go into detail with that right now because I am so upset and typing this through tears.. Just pray for her with me tomorrow. She can't leave me yet. She has made me s damn strong and is the strongest, toughest woman I know. She is my role model I just can't lose her :-((((((

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  1. Just wanted to update on this. She did great in the surgery. She is so strong. The breathing tube is out now and she is breathing on her own. For those that prayed with me, Thank You!! Cancer is such an ugly disease :-( She is doing well (especially for being 89 years old) She always says to people "Well, I'm still in the vertical position" I always tel her "I hate when you say that LOL" now I am saying to her "Look at ya, you are still in the vertical position" Prayer does work