Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspirational quotes for today- TGIF!!

Although it being Friday is inspiration enough for me :-), here are some inspirational quotes for today- Enjoy

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A little motivational quote for the day:

Fear is not something to be conquered or eliminated- or even tackled, for
that matter. Instead, we need to pay close attention to it's message.
If fear was always a legitimate warning signal, we might never show up for a doctor's appointment, speak up when we feel passionate about something, or leave a dead-end relationship. There are times when we need to push past our dread and resolve- with our hearts pounding in our chests- to act.
At other times, we may need to identify the actual sources of fear- past or present- that may be blocked from our view.

Have a great weekend :-)


  1. Thank you for those...much needed!! <3

  2. Big THANKS! Much appreciated!😎