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How to stop stress quote

How to stop stress quote

Best ways to relieve some stress

* Prepare for the morning the night before. If you work the typical 9 til 5 type schedule. This will help you tremendously. If you are like me, I am not a morning person. I usually hit snooze on the alarm clock like 5 times before I actually get out of bed. What does that do? It leaves you running around in the morning like a chicken with your head cut off. This immediately starts your day with some stress. Take the extra 15 minutes in the evening to get all your stuff laid out for the morning, breakfast planned etc. I also do a lot of crock pot cooking. I prep my meals most evenings for the next day. In the morning, all I do is put the pot on the base and turn it on low. When I get home from work, dinner is just about done. Works like a charm.

* Don't rely on your memory. Write things down- This one helps me stay organized. I keep a note pad in my purse with things that need to be done or calls that I need to make. It helps me know what needs to be done and I get it done. Although, I try not to put an amount on that list per day that is going to overwhelm me. Most of the little stuff, I can do on my lunch break at work. That keeps me from having to do it in the evening. I would rather have that 45 minutes in the evening to relax and have some me time.

* Set priorities in your life and learn to say the word "NO"- It's OK. Priorities in life are so important. For me- my family, my own health, my pets, my job and my home are my priorities. I don't over extend myself. I am the first one to do anything that I can for someone else as long as it also is respectful of my own life and my time. I enjoy helping others out but again, I also know that I only have so many hours in one day. If it is something that I know can be done by them and they are just being lazy, I'm very quick to say "I'm sorry but I can't". I realize that my time is valuable and I wont be taken advantage of either. Don't get me wrong. If it is someone that is truly in need of help, I am the first one to usually volunteer. I believe if you give in life, you get back. I don't believe in being taken advantage of though.

* Ask for help when needed- Again, I do not mean to ask for help if you are just being lazy. If you are truly overwhelmed, sick, having other issues etc, ask for help. If you are an honest and true person to your family and friends, people will want to help you. Be honest about it. Be truthful about it. Just don't take advantage of others.

* Believe in yourself- I believe that there is good in almost every person. Know that you are good. Believe in yourself. Know that you can get things accomplished if you truly put your mind to it. I believe in patting myself on the back when I do good. It's OK to toot your own horn when you have accomplishments. Your only true limitations are the ones that you put on yourself. Think about it. You see amazing stories everyday on the TV, in the newspaper, on the internet etc about people with no legs winning olympic medals. People with ultimate disabilities achieving greatness. If you are an average healthy adult than there is NO reason that you can't do it also. If they can accomplish it than so can you. The only difference is motivation. If you can't believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you?

* Look at problems as challenges- OK, let's be realistic. You are always going to encounter problems in life. There is no such thing as a perfect life. How you deal with and react to problems can make all the difference. Don't make the smallest problem into a major one. Put your big person panties on and deal with it. Don't whine and complain about it. That gets you nowhere. Deal with it. If it is not a major problem, make light of it. Laugh about it and do something to change it. Heck, in today's society, you have google that knows everything :-) Just google search it. How to deal with a broken leg, how to deal with depression, how to deal with a common cold etc. You get my drift. There are millions of articles on the internet on how to deal with just about anything. Read it. Listen to it. Take some advice. Unless you are google, you don't know everything. Handle every problem as a situation to learn something new.

* Avoid negative people- This one is a great one to reduce stress. Being around consistent negativity is such a downer. You are always going to have those type of people that just complain all the time and love drama. I am sure that you can think of somebody in your life right that is like that. I hate to say it but avoid them. I had some friends like that in the past. They were always jealous of someone else. Always loving drama. Always complaining about something. In order to make your own life better, you need to surround yourself with better people. Be around people who inspire you and not ones that bring you down.

* Strive for excellence and not perfection- Just the same as there is no such thing as a perfect life, there is no such as a perfect person. You will make mistakes. You will screw up. You will fail sometimes. It's life. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from your failures. Don't expect to be perfect and don't beat yourself up for too long when you do screw up. Life is a dance, we learn as we go, sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. Always try to learn new things.

* Take time for yourself- Have me time and use it. Read a book, listen to some music, watch a good movie or just take a nap. There will NEVER be a day that you get everything done in life. The house will not crumble if you decide to have a lazy evening. The laundry and the housework etc can wait a day. It's OK. Also, don't feel bad about making sure that your partner and your children do their fair share. It's only fair that you all have your own fair share of free time. In order for that to happen, everyone must do their fair share of chores. In my household, my husband and children know that it is not OK for them to lay around all evening doing nothing while I am running around doing all the chores. I make demands on my time also. When we all pitch in as a family, house chores usually get done really quick and we are all lounging around together. My attitude is that I work also and I deserve my own time also. We all live here, we all dirty clothes and dishes etc and we should all have to work together to clean it up. My family is very respectful of that. I respect their time and they respect mine. You aren't going to get respect for your time though if you don't demand it.

* Exercise more. I hate when people say they don't have time to exercise. We have time for what we truly want to make time for. Everyone has 10 to 15 minutes a day that they can exercise. It makes you feel better. It makes you look better. It helps to keep you healthy. If you truly don't have time for a little exercise, you need to adjust your priorities.

* Spend time with your family and friends- Another one that I hate to hear that we don't have time for it. Make time for it. Spending time with your family and friends is an ultimate stress reliever in itself. It's important. Life simply cannot be all work and no play. You will not be ever be truly happy if you live your life that way. Honestly, when people say that they don't have time to go see their parents or to spend time with their children, I get so frustrated. Chores can wait, they aren't go to die or move away. What if you wake up tomorrow and that person that you simply could not make time for was dead? I hate to be so blunt. Life is short though. If that person dies, you wont need to worry about making time for them anymore but the regret that you hold in your heart will last the rest of your life.

I am going to end this one for today by saying
Laugh more, Love More, Live more
You owe it to yourself

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