Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ways to say No inspiration

Ways to say No inspiration

One of the ways that we get ourselves into trouble is that we commit to too many things. We fail to say one magic word "NO". We say that we will do things that we know we don't want to do, or that we already have too much on our plate.

The problem with always saying "Yes" can be unhealthy. First, the end result is feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed and tired. There is simply a point in everyone's life when enough is enough, a point that can really hurt our attitude, spirit and productivity. Our personal and family life suffers as well as our work. By saying yes too often, we begin to feel victimized and resentful that we have so much to do. Because we tend to feel guilty when we say no, it's often difficult to see that we are the ones who got ourselves into this mess by failing to say no more often.

Again, as I stress often in this blog, you play the key role in the creation of your own life and stress. Stress is not always caused by outside force. We bring a lot of our own stresses on ourself.

Saying no without guilt is not selfish. It's a protective necessity.

Obviously there are many times that we can't say no, and many other times when it is in our best interest to say yes or that we simply want to say yes. That's great. Use your wisdom though, instead of knee-jerk reaction, to decide when to say yes and when to say no.

When you put things into perspective, you will see that there are probably many instances when it is perfectly fine to say No.

Hope you enjoyed my words of inspiration today as much as I enjoyed writing them
I have to remind myself consistently that it is OK to NO!
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