Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a random thought for the day

So I started this blog as a journey to my own self help  (and I think I have come a long way  LOL)
Just writing alone helps me so much in my everyday struggles to become the person that I want to be.
I want this not to just be all about me though  (If you read all my previous posts than you know all about me)  I am probably far from sane  :-) 
I just like to talk  so I think I am going to tweak this a bit.  I am still going to post funny thoughts, inspirational quotes etc  (because it helps me) but also just to talk   Have different discussions and voice opinions.

I was sitting here tonight reading my parents magazine while my daughter was in dance class.  There was an article on the subject of spanking kids and how spanking kids causes kids to grow up to be aggressive 
That's odd because in the generation I grew up and generations older than me (note:  I am 34)  are much more respectful in general than today's youth.  I am not a fan or enemy of spanking.  (when I say spank, I am not saying beat until the child is black or blue) but today's youth sometimes seem to have no fear of consequence.  I was spanked and I am in no way aggressive or violent.  My daughter is 12, I have never really spanked her but that is because she is basically well behaved.  She did get time outs too when she was younger and she gets privileges taken away now but she would have gotten a crack on the behind when she was younger if she got too out of hand.

Everything is so over analyzed nowadays.  If a child is a little hyper, they are diagnosed with ADHD and immediately put on drugs.  What are we teaching our youth??  You can do what you want and there will be no consequence for your actions and if you have a problem, just take a drug and it solves it all  :-((

Any thoughts on this?

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