Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Month Wedding Anniversary

Well tomorrow is my one month anniversary.   Happy to say I didn't get an annullment  LOL
Everything is going well.  My husband still has his faults but alot more good that overrides the bad.  He is still young   -  Only 29  so I think I can still teach him new tricks  LOL
because we all know I am perfect  (haha-  That's a joke)

Hard to believe that the holidays are only 7 weeks ago.  I feel like I just get last christmas paid off and now it is christmas time again.

Now I am on to my next task  (legally changing my last name)  I haven't done that yet.  It just seems like so much work  :-((


  1. LOL so going back and reading some of my older posts on this blog Wow- alot can change in a year and a half (since I started this blog) Happy to say that my husband and I just shared our one year wedding anniversary and are doing great :-) Happily married and just building our future. I can't believe all the doubts I had (or maybe I just grew up some or he did) or we just accepted the fact that we are together til death do us part so we might as well make the most of it LOL

  2. have a great posting of wedding anniversary messages