Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Inspirational thought of the Day

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. For those of us that work that whole 9 to 5 boring 5 day (Monday thru Friday) work schedule, just think, only 24 more work hours until the weekend LOL. I am in an awesome mood tonight. I love my bowling leagues but haven't been bowling up to par recently :-(. I bowled my first 600 set of the season tonight so I am super excited and wound up tonight :-)

It's amazing how changing just a few people and things in your life and your whole life can become so much more positive and the effects of that positive nature just has a total affect on your whole life :-) A friend of mine posted the below quote on her facebook tonight and I just found it so true so going to steal it and repost it :-) Well not really steal because she would never mind that I reposted to inspire others Happy Tuesday all

"Immaturity is figuring out how to Hurt/Punish the other person instead of thinking of ways to make it better or trying to move past it"

How true is that?

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