Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jennifer Hudson gave me inspiration tonight :-)

As are millions of other people tonight, I am watching the Grammies. Let me just say that they could not have picked someone more fitting than Jennifer Hudson to sing for Whitney Houston (RIP Whitney). As I am watching this show, I am also on facebook. A facebook friend of mine just posted the following (I am copying and pasting their post) These are not my words

"Jenifer Hudson has no right to sing this song, not even close vocally to Whitney! Whatever Whitney was as a person she was one a the greatest voices ever and you ms Hudson are not! Nice try though! I'm a rock dude but I always understood the magnatude of Whitneys talent and it's a shame that when she finally started to really let that voice loose she also discovered demons that live with in so many us! So a huge voice in such a week person, who will ever forget "Crack is whack" on 60 minutes? I don't ever think it's a tragedy when shit like this happens just a waste!"

This post outraged me. First of all, Weak in this aspect of the post is not spelled "week" but more importantly, I couldn't think of a better person to sing for Whitney. I have always loved Whitney Houston's music. Jennifer Hudson has overcome so much tragedy in her life. Just 4 years ago, her mother, brother and nephew were brutally murdered. Do you see her sitting back, doing drugs etc and making a mess of her life because she had a bad childhood or she has suffered a horrible tragedy? NOOO!! Jennifer Hudson is someone that our youth should be admiring. She grew up poor, suffered such tragadies and is doing good. She's strong. She's admirable. She is someone that I would want my own 13 year old daughter to look up to. She has shown the world that your past does not determine your future. Jennifer Hudson, I admire you. I respect you. You deserve to make millions because you are an awesome role model. Whitney Houston would have been proud of you singing her song tonight. Great job Jennifer!

I didn't post a response on that person's facebook page (simply because facebook is a social networking site and people should be able to voice their opinions) and honestly, I have learned throughout my life to pick my battles. I don't talk politics, I don't talk stuff like this directly. So, I am venting here on my blog LOL.

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