Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little warped sense of inspiration for today- Karma Inspiration

So yesterday, I had a bit of warped sense of inspiration. I work in an office where there is one coworker who is always really negative. He complains about everything and everybody. He talks terribly about coworkers behind their backs and is constantly trying to get people in trouble with the bosses. He acts as if he is the only one that does any work (and he really doesn't do much but get into everybody's business). Have you ever worked in an office with somebody like that before? I sit right next to him and he can be a real downer sometimes. Nobody in the office really likes him. Well, let me get to the point now- He goes into the men's bathroom yesterday and than can't get the door open to come back out. It's one of those heavy, wood commercial doors and somehow the knob broke and the door wouldn't open. He's inside the bathroom, beating on the door, yelling "HELP". It took the president of the company almost a half hour to get him out. He had to eventually take the door off.

I guess it is mean to say that it was hilarious. The whole office was in hysterics (just simply because of who it happened to)

Call it KARMA!!!!!!! LOL

and here is a little inspirational quote to enhance your Saturday

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