Sunday, June 24, 2012

Being demanding- Are you too demanding

Being demanding- Are you too demanding?

Do you ever stop to think for a moment how it feels when someone is demanding towards you? What's it like when they are impatient, bossy and overcritical? It doesn't make you feel good, does it?

Often people resist and resent people who are too demanding. The person on the receiving end of this treatment will often ask themselves "What right does this person have to treat me this way"? That is an excellent question.

Most people seem to feel that being demanding is a distasteful human quality. People who are too demanding are often seen as difficult, selfish and judgemental. Demanding people are just as bad as negative people. People don't truly like to be around people with these traits. It makes them difficult to love. When you are around a demanding person, you always are made to feel whether you are measuring up. Who wants to be around people whom make them feel like they have to consistently walk on eggshells? YUCK!

We often associate a demanding personality with someone who is loud and bossy. Demanding people aren't always this way though. Sometimes, they are quiet and sulky. I am sure you have heard the old cliche "watch out for the quiet ones" :-). Other times they are "passive aggressive," meaning they will attempt to avoid appearing demanding but their aggression will come out in subtle ways when their demands aren't being met.

Keep in mind that being around a demanding person is very stressful and no fun at all. It might be a good idea to consider the ways that you might be acting a little demanding. If and when you identify what they are, make a gentle effort to back off. In all likelihood, you will be rewarded with people that honestly want to be around you and people who you can truly have fun with.

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