Friday, June 29, 2012

Stop procrastinating inspirational work quote

Stop procrastinating inspirational work quote

Many of us do the very same things in our work as well as in our personal lives. I know lots of people who are virtually always late, whether it's to pick up the kids in their car pool, sit down before church starts or prepare food for dinner guests. The interesting part of this tendency isn't the fact that they are always running late, but the excuses that are used. "I had to pick up three kids, I had to make two stops before work, It's tough to get everything done before I run out the door, etc.

Again, I'm not denying that it is tough to get everything done but in most cases, you are working with absolutely known variables. You know exactly what you need to do and how long it is roughly going to take and that there will almost certainly be obstacles to contend with. You are aware of the fact that it is work and it takes a certain amount of time.

To get over procrastination requires humility. The only solution is to admit that, in most instances, you do have the time but you must start a little earlier and make whatever allowances are necessary to ensure that you wont be in a mad rush. By procrastinating, you are creating stress in your life and stress for other people. You need to make an effort to start earlier on a more consistent basis.

Think of how much less stress would be in your life if you would simply begin your tasks a little earlier rather than rushing from one project to the next, you would have plenty of time.

This is a simple yet important suggestion. Once you get in the habit of starting a little earlier, a great deal of your daily stress, at least that portion that you have some degree of control over, will fade away

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