Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to be happy at work

How to be happy at work?

Many people don't allow themselves to be enthusiastic, inspired, relaxed and happy at work. This is a very unfortunate form of self denial. It seems that many people are frightened at what a happy demeanor would look like to others at work. I think that people assume that other people think that someone who is relaxed and happy at work is not a hard worker. I think that the logic goes something like this: If they looked happy, others might assume they were satisfied with the status quo and therefore lacking the necessary motivation to excel in their work or go that extra mile and that they couldn't survive in a competitive environment. In reality though, it's the other way around. It's nonsense to believe that a relaxed, happy person necessarily lacks motivation. On the contrary, happy people are almost always the ones who love what they do. It's been shown again and again that people who love what they do are highly motivated by their own enthusiasm to continually better themselves and their performance. They are good listeners and have a sharp learning curve. Also, happy workers are highly creative, charismatic, easy to be around and good team players.

On the other hand, unhappy people are often held back by their own misery or stress, which distracts them from success. Stressed out, unhappy people are a drag to be around and difficult to work with. They are the ones who lack motivation because they are so consumed with their own problems, lack of time, and stress. Unhappy people often make themselves their own victims. It's difficult for them to find solutions or think outside of the box because everything is seen as someone else's fault. They are also usually poor team players because they are often self-centered and preoccupied with their own issues. They are always on the defensive.

Learn how to be happy at work and become more successful

If you dare to be happy at work, your life will begin to change. Your work will take on greater significance and will be experienced as an adventure. You will be loved by others :-)

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