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Demands of society

Demands of society

Why should you Live Inspired? - Live Life Inspired

Author: Brittany A. Bentham

Inspired means activated, encouraged, energized, excited, exhilarated, influenced, inspirited, and motivated. Living inspired is when you bring intention to action. Aligning your dreams with reality will put you in position to live an abundant life.

No one can deny the power of the mind. It sets the foundation and framework for action. Time and energy are allocated based on how the mind organizes priorities and establishes limits. Therefore, it is imperative that you believe in your power to live out your passions.

Typically, the limits of life are self-imposed. Many individuals serve as their own barriers to success. Self-saboteurs do not feel worthy of good fortune and are usually threatened by change. Unfortunately, these individuals may not acknowledge how closely related their negative mindset coordinates with their physical action. The only way to move forward is to direct effort towards actually living, as opposed to taking refuge in negativity.

We live in a society focused on progress. People tend to live according to society's demands and lose sight of personal goals. Why is it that people do not invest in themselves as they do for an employer? Why is it that people spend their lives devoted to something that brings little satisfaction and more frustration? Why is it that people design their lives according to others expectations? Why is it that people focus on money first and joy later? Why is it that society yearns us to dream, but requires our dream to fall within what society deems to be realistic?

Do not allow your life to be confined; live the life you have defined. Make a living in the best way you see fit, but be sure to allocate time and energy to invest in your passions. Regardless of circumstance, you always have a choice to live inspired or to live obligated. At the heart of every problem lies a disconnect between personal truths, actions and goals. Encourage yourself to live a life based on inspiration to ultimately satisfy your inherit need to bridge these gaps to live a fulfilling life.

Live Life Inspired!

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About the Author

Brittany A. Bentham is a Certified Professional Coach. Her life coaching certification is from Fowler Wainwright International. She has a B.A. in Public Relations and Philosophy from Elon University. Her M.A. in Organizational Psychology is in progress from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

She created Live Life Inspired because she wanted to help individuals live more fulfilling lives. For many, life is a list of obligations. People become lost in the clutter of their lives because they are unable to identify what truly inspires them. Of course, we all need to make a living and it may require us to invest time in areas outside of our passions. Fortunately, everyone has a choice to live inspired or to live obligated.

Living inspired is living a life worth living. When you prioritize and manage your obligations, you are better able to keep sight of what truly matters to you. Everyone can live a life based on inspiration. She dedicates her time showing individuals how to remodel their lives based on their passions.

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