Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is victory inspiration?

What is victory inspiration

As Eleanor Roosevelt once quoted,
"More people are ruined by victory, I imagine, than by defeat"

What is victory?

Bad losers are hard to take but not nearly as hard to take as bad winners. If we assume that we are somehow better than everyone else and more deserving of victory, we can turn victory into disaster.

Yes, maybe we did pay our dues and work hard. But there is always some luck in every victory. And for all we know, our opponents worked even harder than we did.

Always remember, defeat has a way of focusing thought and motivation. If we don't learn from our victories as much as we learn from our defeats than we may not be so lucky the next time.

We like to win and it's perfectly OK to celebrate when we do. Remember though that winning doesn't make us better than others.

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