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All about Karma inspiration

All about Karma inspiration

Adam on Karma

Author: DreamHealer

People have many different perspectives on the concept of "karma." It is commonly thought of as the "baggage" that we carry with us from one lifetime to the next. More accurately, karma is how the energy transferred from one's life influences the next.

A more scientific definition would use theories from our current state of knowledge about physics, especially how energy behaves in our universe.

One of the laws of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In keeping with this law karma, which involves a person's energy essence being passed on from one lifetime to another lifetime, is no exception. The mechanism of transmission – the mode of transferal from one lifetime to the next—is by way of a composite of energy frequencies that do not cease at the time of death.

Another law of physics is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This suggests that energy seeks equilibrium. Some people take this law and apply moral considerations to the concept of karma. A common belief is that if you have evil intentions in one life, your karma will be to make restitution in the next, thereby balancing out good and evil or achieving equilibrium. When something unfortunate occurs, one might say, "It's just my karma." I understand karma to be less rigid than a simple restitution system – less predestined, so to speak. It is just energy – energy that works and moves in slightly different ways.

Some people underestimate the role of karma in events and others overestimate it. Karma plays a very subtle role in our everyday lives. There is also a lot of misunderstanding as to what karma actually is. Karma is not there to punish one for actions in a past life.

Every individual emits a unique frequency of light, which connects to the field of information. This connection can increase the likelihood of certain events occurring. These frequencies of light emitted from your body can influence events in very subtle ways, which cumulatively can influence larger events that may seem completely unrelated. For example, if someone is angry all the time, they will outwardly demonstrate this, as their frequency will closely correlate with that of anger. The events that occur around this individual will thrive in an environment of anger. Certain events are more probable to occur, such as conflict with another person, leading to a chain of events that gives the appearance that the person has bad luck, or bad karma.

Karma is not limited to humans but applies in the exact same way to any living organism. It is a law of the universe and occurs whether you are aware of it or not. Probably the more aware you become, the more pronounced or defined it becomes. Remember that your thoughts and intentions can influence how much of an effect it has on you.

One's essence reincarnates, thus traits or inclinations from a previous life (in the form of energy vibrations) tend to carry over to the next. Those inclinations, in turn, would affect the events that happen in your life. So a person's residual energy, you might say, while not identical to a previous life, would be very similar. There are always differences; things are constantly changing. In a sense, each life is a new beginning. There is always the potential of a slate wiped clean.

Remember that when we are reincarnated, our new body is in another time and often a different place, which means varying circumstances surround the incarnate. We will have a different genetic make-up and will be raised in a different environment. Our environment plays a more influential role than our genetics do. Certain environments allow specific energies to thrive and others to be less important. If we are raised in an environment that encourages growth, then that is what our thoughts and intentions are, and that is ultimately what will happen. Conversely, if we have to exist within a fear-based environment, then we will fail to thrive and develop in a positive manner, until we are able to see this as a challenge to overcome.

The similar frequency from one life to another and our subconscious memories that are carried forward do have an impact. There is a tendency for karmic patterns to repeat from previous lives, but we can look at these tendencies as challenges to overcome. We always choose our path; free will guides our journey. We create our own destiny, as all other factors are only an influence on events. Within our new selves, we have all new possibilities to positively influence any such karmic patterns, through our own intention and creativity. Anything and everything is possible. We can consciously choose how we are going to react to any karmic influences, subconscious programming and the environment in which we find ourselves.

The memories are usually subconscious feelings that are triggered by certain events that occur. If we can "tune in" to what triggers these various negative emotions, we can control our reactions to them. It is possible to reestablish all of the positive learning experiences while re-patterning the negative ones. It is not written in stone that you must re-live all of the good, bad and ugly events, so only keep what you need for self-enlightenment.

Trying to find a purpose for karma existing in the universe is probably a very human construct growing out of the wish for meaning. The passing of energy from one lifetime to the next naturally evolved that way. Energy cannot be destroyed therefore the energy from one life naturally transforms into another life, as this is the most "stable state" for that energy. Is there a purpose for a distant galaxy colliding with another galaxy? It's just the way it is. The galaxies collide in an attempt to reach the state of lowest energy. This basic law of physics dictates virtually all events in the universe.

In the sense of evolutionary development, karma is one of many variables that influence the energetic aspect of self, which carries on from one lifetime to the next. Another variable is how quickly you reincarnate to another life. The transition is not necessarily instantaneous. It can be a slower process in relation to Earth observer time. There are many variables. It depends on the manner in which you die, for example, and on the thoughts and intentions that are on your mind when you die. Another variable is the body you are going into. Often there are a variety of small effects – small changes – that cause a series of events to occur, which can cause the occurrence of very interesting coincidences from one life to the next.

An example of this is one of my Mom's past lives was healing and helping people as a nun in a clinic. She was born into a poverty stricken family with many children. As she grew to become a woman, she had the choice of getting married into abject poverty and repeating the cycle, or becoming a nun. She chose the latter as it opened up more possibilities. Her empathy for others led her to start a clinic to heal "Hearts, minds and souls." When I talked to my Mom about this she shivered, as the recollection of her past resonated with her. She now finds herself in this lifetime helping others as well.

Another law of the universe is that everything constantly changes. Your karma can be changing and constantly evolving. Life choices could change the direction of earlier karmic influences so that earlier lifetimes have less and less effect on your current life.

I like to think of one's path as being directed by a compass. Like the needle of a compass, you point yourself in a certain direction. If you have the tendency of being self-centered, but life's experiences have taught you the importance of being otherwise, then you will become more caring towards others. You are consciously in control as you point your compass toward compassion.

At the moment of death, whatever direction you have pointed your compass toward is the direction you are going. Of course, that final direction is also the sum of all of the smaller influences and experiences of your life journey.

We are in control of pointing our own compasses – another way of describing free will. At first it might appear that karma and free will are contradictory concepts. However, your free will has determined your karmic influences. Your choices have all been of your own free will. But we often change our minds and so our free will is an active pattern of choices. Karmic influences are then changed accordingly. Nothing is written in stone, so to speak. One clear characteristic of the universe and evolution is constant change. We exist in a dynamic system.

I have been asked whether karma exists in the thought realm as well as the physical realm. There are no distinct layers or levels; it is all the same influence. It is a unified field. A thought has a particular energy, initiating its link to everything. A physical action also has an effect and changes the energetic flow, thereby setting another chain of events into motion. The only difference between them is that accompanying a physical action is the awareness of others and their reaction. Others see the action and their collective attention magnifies the energetic effect.

We are constantly making choices, every minute of every day. The influences around us – our environment – makes it easier to make one choice rather than another. But we are always the driving force making the choice; it is not externally imposed upon us. As I've said before, energy is a neutral force; it behaves as energy or vibrations no matter in what direction we point it.

Karma can be passed from parents to offspring – but more in an environmental sense than in a genetic sense. In the womb, the baby is growing and developing surrounded by the mother's energy. And the mother's energy in turn is like a conductor of electricity. The fetus attracts the mother's energy, but can still influence it to some degree. It generally moves energy in a similar fashion as the mother, and experiences a similar flow.

The energy of the egg is different than the energy of the mother. The egg alone doesn't yet have that life force, which is the light that binds the cells together. But at the moment of conception, when the energies of the egg and sperm merge into one, it acquires that life/light force. Our consciousness re-emerges in the next form. The previous section in this book on Reincarnation will help explain this concept.

Many people tend to trace back the root cause of an illness to an incident that occurred in a past life. There is virtually no illness that karma, or a past life event, is solely responsible for. I have been asked to explain why some young children get terrible illnesses? Is this karma, or fate? Statistically, a certain percentage of young children will contract various serious health problems. There is no deeper meaning to this bad fortune. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that is just the random nature of life itself.

Nobody deserves to be ill. Some people seem to use karma as a reason for their illness. They say that it is a lesson that must be learned from a past life. This is not a productive outlook for someone embarking on a healing journey through self-empowerment. You must put all past events aside and travel on the path of healing. Just consider it a lesson learned, and now it is time to get better. Take responsibility for your way forward, in action, word and thought. Start change from within.

Don't play the role of the victim in any circumstances of your life; it is as dynamic as you are. Make the change. Be flexible. Make sure that you are ready, willing and able to accept change. We must focus on recreating what we want to achieve. Always see the glass as being half full; NOT half empty. If you find that you have lemons, then make lemonade. Engrain this attitude into your being with everything that you think, say and do. Give credit where credit is due when good things are achieved, especially if it is your own personal accomplishment. Sometimes we may think that it is impossible to reach our goals, but two steps forward and one step back is still progress in the desirable direction.

Life is for learning. Regain your footing and carry on. The only possibility of failure exists by not trying in the first place. You will reach your goal, and feel wonderful about it too!

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*Adam McLeod (B.Sc. -1st Class Hon) (aka DreamHealer) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry; Healer; Speaker; Visionary; Best Selling international Author (books in 21 languages and 35 countries); Qigong young visionary award; Golden Key Award; nominated for Dr. Rogers prize for excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine*

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