Friday, July 13, 2012

Vision quotes- A little inspiration about vision

Vision quotes - A little inspiration about vision

Do we really have a clear vision of where we want our lives to go? Or do we just react to things as they happen? Sometimes we need to do a little of both. Without an idea of what we hope to be and accomplish, we may not be able to achieve to our fullest potential.

On the other hand, when exciting opportunities present themselves, sometimes the best thing that we can do is to go with them, whether or not they fit perfectly into the plan that we envisioned for ourselves.

Are we spending too much time on distractions and not enough time on the things that will help us get us where we want to go? Open yourself to new opportunities when they present themselves.

Have a vision :-)

Get inspired. A life with inspirational motivation and laughter makes things easier :-) Enjoy
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