Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Put aside the stubbornness inspiration

Put aside the stubbornness inspiration

Stubbornness has the potential to invade every life. It's one of those qualities that consistently shows up as an answer to every question. Very few people find stubbornness to be an endearing or nurturing quality.

It is so easy to blame someone else, or an issue, or an argument, fight or disagreement for our own unhappiness. The truth is, however, that most of the time the real culprit is our own stubbornness, our unwillingness to let go of something, to admit we were wrong or partially to blame, or to give up the need to be "right." If we can put aside the stubbornness and drop our defenses and tame our ego, it's amazing how most issues in life can resolve themselves, painlessly and without too much effort. Stubbornness can be such our enemy. Success lies not in righteousness, but in humility.

Putting aside the stubbornness is a goal definitely worth striving for.

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