Friday, July 6, 2012

Setting a good example inspiration

Setting a good example inspiration

We all know that we can't change other people. By understanding that we can't change other people, the fact still remains that setting a good example makes us feel good. This is the best way to influence both change in yourself and other people.

I love to read inspirational and spiritual books, blogs and websites. I am already a happy and loving person. I try to find the good in everyone. My own husband (whom I love dearly) could also benefit from this advice. He resists my requests to read this material with me. I have become such a better person from doing this that I tend to find myself cramming this down my hubby and daughter's throat. I am now trying to back off from this method with them. I see how much they are learning simply by my own change in action. Both of them look up to me when it comes to advice. They are both a bit difficult mentally. I have noticed how much more my own actions speak so much louder than my words. They follow my lead. I don't try to change them any longer- I backed off and I speak via action. It works.

I now just work on myself and setting a good example. I have become calmer and kinder and happier than ever. That goodness and happy spirit is contagious in my home. They are both more interested in me. If I act healthier, they follow. If I eat healthier, they follow. If I act more vibrant, they do it also.

As I learn to work through high and low moods, they learn also. I teach by action.

Mental healthy, loving energy, and good habits are contagious. If there is something in your partner that you would like to see change, take action yourself first. Set the example by the way that you live, and eventually the people around you will come around too.

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