Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Risk and failure inspiration

Risk and failure inspiration

Risk and failure are essential aspects of life and growth. They are necessary steps for any type of success. No one can be successful in anything without trying. Risk and failure are a huge part of that. The people who understand this take sensible risks and are not afraid to fail, accepting it as part of life's process. They are also usually the people who find the most meaning and joy in life.

If you look up the word risk in the dictionary, you are more than likely going to find words like danger, hazard, peril and loss to define it. While the likelihood of loss is always present when we take a risk, there's also a positive aspect to it. If you look up risk in a thesaurus, you will also see words such as chance, possibility and probability. Yes, there's always a chance that you will suffer a loss when you take a risk, but there's also a chance that you'll succeed. You can't have one without the other. They go together (kind of like milk and cookie :-). I am sure that you have heard the old quote "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

It's OK to fail sometimes, everyone does. Everyone experiences failure, and some even fail many times until they finally get it. It's perfectly OK. Failure is a part of life. It isn't whether we fail that matters; it's how we fail. The difference between the people that succeed in life and the ones who have difficulty succeeding isn't found in the number of times that they fail. It's found in the courage they have to take a risk, and it's found in what they do after they fail.

Failure is one of life's greatest teachers but only if we choose to learn from it or let it crush us. If you have the courage to venture out of your comfort zone, to risk a loss, and to confront failure, you just may end up being better and stronger. When we do fail, we are left with a choice: give up and quit or learn from our mistakes and move on. Our failures in life are our most valuable learning experiences and our greatest source of renewed strength.

Courage is it's own reward

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