Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All about me

I tell bits and pieces of myself in different posts. I wont come out and tell my life all in one because I have to build a trust. I will tell you this. Did I have a tough childhood? YES Have I blamed any bad actions on that childhood? NOOO Do I blame that bad childhood for the strong, independent person I am today? YES. It taught me to fight. I knew it wasn't right and I didn't cower beside it and follow I knew I Wanted better in life and that I deserved so much better so I went after dreams, I worked hard, I made a life for myself and my family. That is me That is who I am
There is a saying " I'm a child, I'm a daughter, I'm a lover, I'm a mother and I am a protector. I guess mold all that together and that is me. Hurt my child or my family and watch the mean person I can become. When things are good, I focus on self help and helping people but don't strike close to me because the old side of me (that I keep buried away- The old city side) will come out. I am a mother, I protect my young. I am a wife (or soon to be wife) I protect the spouse. I protect our home. I don't want anything causing disruptions within our walls. I protect that

I listen to the awful storm right now and I think of my sleeping family. My dog and cat laying next to me sleeping. Each waiting to go into big bed 2 sleep. My precious daughter asleep and my fiance (god bless him) It is his birthday and he is sick as a dog. Poor Timmy
I love my family

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  1. Wow, I posted this last night after a few glasses of wine. I was going to delete this today but decided not to. Everyday is a new day in my life. I have positve factors and negative ones. I have good days and bad days. This path to self discovery and learning to love my life and slowing down to enjoy life is turning into quite a little discovery about myself :-) Important lesson learned: Don't blog or facebook when you have been drinking LOL but you know what, It makes my blog real. You see my strengths and my flaws. Oh the joys of being human