Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh- What a day- Everyday is a journey

My life--  Wow, sometimes I feel like it could be one big reality TV show.  The only difference, it is real, I'm not rich and not getting paid for sharing it  LOL  (again, this is my free therapy)
This is my journey, my real journey in self help.  Everyday can seem like a real challenge. 
There is an old saying "somedays, you eat the bear and somedays, the bear eats you"  The damn bear got me today 
I wake up this morning  (that's a good thing)  I get ready for work and take my daughter to my mom's for the day.  My mom was off today so she babysat.  I go to get in my car from my mom's and the car wont start  (battery died)  so I borrow my mom's car.   On the way to work, I accidentally hit the seat heat on in her car and have no idea how to turn it off.  Riding to work for 22 minutes with the seat making my butt sweat.  (note:  It is summer where I live and has been very hot)  so I get to work and my dress slacks are literally wet on my backside because of the heated seat  (which is leather)
Than I go into the negative office I work in (which if you read my previous blog posts) than you know that I work in a negative office where you have 40 and 50 year old adults throwing temper tantrums and are constant pessimists and I had to get every customer today that took nasty pills  (Seriously, is it necessary to be so nasty to people).  I get yelled at for their real estate taxes increasing  (Note:  We are the mortgage company, I just want to scream  "call your congressman, call your county)  8 hours at that office felt like 20. 
So needless to say, I came home in bad mood   (frowns)
Than, I subbed on my step dads bowling team tonight.  I haven't bowled in a few months.  Didn't bowl too bad   172, 169, 189.  OK  Average 177 (so not bad) but I got a good laugh.  The team was doing bad and there is a little elderly gentleman that bowled on the team and he would get so mad everytime he got an open that he would curse and slap his ears.  I could do nothing but laugh  (not where he could hear me though haha)  I was scared that he might come slap my ears too  LOl

but at least, I laughed.  :-)

With all the stress today (plus I have gained a few pounds since I quit smoking 3 1/2 months ago)  I can feel it in my clothes, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself today.  :-(
Even though, my life is good right now compared to so many others out there

Everyday is a mental journey to me.  I often feel people take advantage of my niceness.  I really need to work on the healthy selfishness bit.

I am feeling a bit stressed tonight.  My mom hasn't been in good health recently  (If you read my previous posts than you know about the cancer and her past life)  She is such a great person.  I am taking her to get an endoscopy tomorrow.  Keep her in your prayers for me.

I have had too much loss in my life and my mom is truly the wind beneath my wings.  She has survived a hard life but is yet one of the sweetest, kindest people you can meet.

I hope all is OK.  She has lost like 40 pounds in 6 months.  She is looking frail.  She has had alot of tests done recently and nothing is coming back wrong.  Hopefully, the endoscopy shows us something.  I feel something is not right and very worried. 

Cross your fingers for me

Somedays are good, somedays are bad but in all honesty, nobody really wants to hear about my hardships.  Only when I am joking and laughing.  That is why I love writing on this blog.  I can just talk. Nobody has to read it but I feel I talked about it and it helps me.  It is the diary of my life  (kind of like the diary of a madman)  only I am female

Smiles-  Good Nite All

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  1. Just for those that are wondering how my mom's endoscopy went today. It went OK. They were way behind so there for like 4 hours but no pile ups. They had to send the gastritis away for a biopsy so don't have those results back yet.
    Keep your fingers crossed :-0