Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hard to find balance with an overwhelming smell of deviled eggs

Hard to find balance with an overwhelming smell of deviled eggs

Goofy post huh?? Wouldn't be if you were at my house right now. We are having an office party (customer appreciation) at work tomorrow and I just had to make 4 dozen of deviled eggs ARGHHH. If I smell another egg tonight, I am going to seriously puke LOL Don't get me wrong. I love deviled eggs but I wont be able to eat them for a while now

Hard to keep a level, balanced head when egg smell clogs you up but I am going to try tonight.

I am still on studying my unlived life so that is where tonights inspirational motivation hails from. From all the research I have been doing and just different motivational soul searching mental exercises, I have self diagnosed myself with a trust issue. I think I have had so much hurt and disappointment in younger years that I have a very hard time letting people get too close to me. I have lots of friends but I always have that barrier.
How do I get past that? How do I let go of those insecurities?

The following are my goals:
to surrender old limitations

Enhance friendships, family and career

Mastering the art of feeling truly alive in the present needs and respecting and caring for my own inner needs (back to healthy selfishness)

Everyday I work at the inner peace thing, I exercise more, I try to remove myself from stressful situations and not dwell but the more I work at this, the more it feels like a job.

How can it just flow naturally

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