Friday, July 30, 2010

inspirational Motivatio

Why does it take a tradgedy for people to realize what really matters in life? Dont take what you have for granted it might not be there tomorrow and that will be a real tradgedy!

I really don't have much to type about tonight but I don't want to just type when I have bad days (especially when I search so hard for the inner peace)  The hard part is I type more when I am doing bad.  LOL< the more I study, the more I work at it, the better things are so I don't feel as much to vent

That isn't how I want it;  I want us all to travel together.  I am going to have my really positive weeks but I am also going to have my setbacks  :-(
Let's do a motivational quote.  I still feel that if everyone did this every day  (when you get up, you set a motivation for the day)  people would be in better moods so here is just a tad of motivation

There is only one success......... to be able to spend your life in your own way

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