Thursday, July 15, 2010

Remember, as you read my journey blog, I am going to screw up :-)

I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist. This is just my own diary of searching for inner peace. You are going to see my strive and try to be a philosopher LOL but you are also going to see me mess up but that is because it is my journey.

I want you to join me, help me, work together. It's always best to work together in teams :-) but when I do have a day that I totally screw up, please don't judge me. I am basically a weed that is trying to grow into a flower :-) so be easy on me. Love you all (whether I know you or not) If you are joining my blog to follow along and help me or even just laugh at me as I try (as long as you are laughing with me and not at me) I thank each of you. I need some help. I just don't want to pay a psychiatrist

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