Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maryland Crabs are the BEST- Good week this week

A very good week for me so far.  Everything going on an emotionally good level.  My insomnia issues even seem to be getting better somewhat.  I think this self help journey is helping me.  I haven't had any wine at all this week   LOL.  Not that I have ever been an alcoholic but there have been quite a few times that I have drank wine to help me calm down or sleep.  I am feeling good.  I have enjoyed my time this week.  Although I have been somewhat busy building my partylite business  (I am enjoying doing that also)  These home shows are fun. We play games, I meet new people and make money for just having a party.  It's pretty cool.  There is NO Stress  (Unlike my full time job that will probably end me up in the nutty bin if I don't get out of there  :-(
Me, my daughter, my fiance and my co-worker and her husband went out for crabs tonight.  They were so good and had the best seasoning so that was a nice little get together
I made money in the stock market  (so that made me happy)  
Spent alot of good time with my daughter (that makes me happy)

I don't just want to post about my bad days  :-(   As this is my journal of  my journey

Inspirational quote for the day  
Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do which must be done  :-)
Busier people don't have time to be unhappy    That is what I am learning.  

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