Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awesome partylite starter show tonight

I have the most awesome friends, family and co-workers. As you may have read from my last post, I went back into the partylite business. I had my starter show tonight and I had the most amazing turnout. My friends, family and co-workers (who also fall into friends category) are just so supportive. It's awesome and we had a margarita party. Kids and husbands were in yard in pool. (and it was a hot one today) and me and the ladies sipped margaritas, saw an awesome partylite display, laughed and had an awesome time.
They are the best so today's quote is about friendship and family

"The most important things in life are your friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life. If you have these then you have everything!"

Going to take my daughter to see Eclipse tomorrow (the movie), very excited. I love those movies but didn't want to go last week because I knew movie theatres would be packed

Good Nite All

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