Thursday, July 15, 2010

The song Freebird and the affect Freebird it has on me

Wow. Just got done writing my life story down as I am searching for self help. I do the exercises ( as I write on my blog) so I went outside the whole exercise and wrote my whole life story. I cried, I laughed, I did what I needed to do for myself to move on.
Of course, I didn't do this until my daughter went to bed at 9 30.than I hit on the stereo down low (that helps me in my writing)
Well wrote my story Cried and Laughed than was getting ready to log off and the song "freebird" came on by Lynard Skynnard. We played that song and "Never Say Goodbye" by Bonjovi at my brothers funeral in 1988. We let balloons go. Those 2 songs have always been extremely hard songs for me but tonight was weird, I haven't heard Freebird in a long time but right as I wrote my life story, cried and ready to move on to live my unlived life, I go to turn off the stereo and freebird comes on. Well of course, I can't turn it off and I just listen and cry again. He died in 1988 and I can never lose the sadness of his loss. Is it normal at this point 22 years later. It's not normal to still mourn as I do

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