Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Much better today

Ok so feeling much better today. Spending the evening last night reading really helped me put things back into focus.
Don't have alot of time this evening. I have my unit meeting for my partylite business so have to run. My fiance is growling at me because I am sort of forcing him to go to meeting with me. He is supposed to be helping me with this side business but how can you help with a business if you don't know what the business is selling LOL. Of course, he wont be doing the home shows and presentations, I will but he needs to know something about the business to market it duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha. He can be sharp as a beachball sometimes

but just a question and thought for the day

What is the story you are telling yourself about what is happening in your life? What is the reality?

That is something I am struggling with a bit lately. Especially with the upcoming wedding and I think I have a total fear of total committment

My life has been too complicated LOL I think I should write a book

Maybe I just have a trust issue

As time goes on and I get more comfortable with my inner feelings, I will share more.

If I don't get back on tonight, hope all have a wonderful evening.

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